Moving & Storage Service in Stamford CT

Moving & Storage Service

Moving & Storage Service

The Settler have experience and expertise in providing a Moving & Storage Service for customers in the Connecticut area. A majority of our customers find us by searching for a Heavy Safe Mover, Vault installation, and  Floor Safe Mover. Our moving & storage service includes serving residential home owners and commercial owners who need to move a safe in our out of their property as well as vault installation.

Moving & Storage Service With Confidentiality

There are numerous kinds of safes  including ones for floors and walls. Our clients that use our moving & storage service are residential homes owners, retail stores, restaurants, banks,  auto and marine dealers, jewelry stores, liquor stores to name a few.

Due to security concerns, we maintain a discreet confidential service.  Our process requires care, engineering, construction and experience. Our moving & storage service is fully equipped for heavy items like gun and luxury safes needs careful planning. We inspect the condition and substrate of floors, foundations and support.

When moving extremely heavy items, weight is concentrated at a specific point. We do our best to displace the weight as much as possible but typically it is concentrated in a 6- 8 square foot area. When we need to tip a safe during the move, the concentration of weight is on a small point. This  weight causes floors to “give” causing slight inflection that can crack tile and damage hardwood.

We build ramps that help displace the weight minimizing floor inflection and potential damage.  We take great care to how we move heavy items, taking into consideration  moves around corners, through hallways, walls, stairs, walkways and landscaping.

The moving & storage service process includes using appropriate equipment that can lift and move extreme weight. Our goal is to leave your property without any signs that we were ever there.

Moving & Storage Service Local Areas We Serve

Local area we serve Greenwich CT, Darien CT, Norwalk CT, Westport CT, Fairfield CT, Weston CT, Wilton CT, New Canaan CT, Bedford NY, Mt Kisco NY. The Settler has become Stamford Connecticut’s Moving & Storage Service Business leader. Our superb safe movers and storage staff is looking forward to helping you. For additional information contact us at: (203) 487-4477